Florida Rural Electric Credit Union

Phishing & Scam Alerts

Phishers use spam/unwanted e-mail to lure people into fake Web sites to obtain personal information and commit identity theft. As your credit union, we want to ensure you know the best way to protect yourself and your accounts. Read our Phishing brochure to learn more...

Scam Alerts:

Scammers are dialing random cell numbers and advising the cell number owner "their debit card has been deactivated and advising the owner to input their debit card number and security code number on the back of the card to reactivate the card."


The call is not institution specific meaning it does not identify any financial institution(i.e. FRECU), they are simply looking for the account number and security code to access the account.


These calls are originating from the 919 area code, which is North Carolina.


Please remember you should never give out any personal information.  Should you have any questions or suspect that your  FRECU card has been compromised, please call us at 800-542-1246.